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Brahm Samelan

On 23rd May of 2010 at Bhavnag...


Mass Janoi

Brahmsena arranging mass janoi...


Parshuram Dham Bhumi Pujan

Brahmsena arranging mass janoi...


Brahmsena Ring Tone Launch

Brahm sena provides special ar...


Meeting at Devgana-sihor

Brahm sena provides special ar...



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Big Occasion for All Brahmin on These Globes facebook

We are pleased to Announce these Holy & Spiritual Moment For all Brahmin samaj on these globe.The spiritual and holy moment will be share between the 11, 11,111 Brahmins.

As per our planning and projection of this holy and spiritual event will be for the Brahmin samaj and that event will create the opportunity for all Brahmin family to get involve 1111 samuh janoi and other big event will be for 11,111 Vavai Pasandgi mela. We are also pleased to announce biggest Brahm Choryashi will be with these event What we wish that all Brahmin will took a part in to the biggest gathering of our cast and joins us in to the holy moment to build up strongest, healthiest, wealthiest and knowledgeable Brahmin Sena on this globe so please take a active part in these holy event for our Brahmin society.

History at Bhavnagar facebook

Brahmsena had been celebrated and completed the mass janoi event successfully. It is a historical event of the world. It is a memorable moment of each and every Brahmin. Near about 5 lakh brahmins gathered at one place in Gujarat from various states of India. The Event organized at Bhavnagar city of Gujarat (Saurashtra) on 22nd/23rd May 2010.

There were various programs like Batuk Shobhayatra, Brahm Dayro, Ladu Competition, Motor bike Show etc. held on this grand occasion. The large & biggest Mandap had been made by Brahmsena Team Members with special facilities. 9 lakh Ladus had been cooked specially by Brahmins on this memorable occasion. Brahm Dayro had been arranged by accompany like Arun Rajyaguru, Sairam Dave, Niranjan Pandya etc. celebrities of Gujarat. DJ night had been held for all brahmin young blood.

Pushp Varsha had been done with the use of JET plane continuously on all Batuks. Blood donation camp named BrahmRaktGanga had been made for brahmins in which RedCross, Prathma etc. organizations participated. More than 11111 blood bottles had been collected by Brahmsena. Parshuramdham bhumi pujan was conducted on the same day near Rajapara Khodiyar mandir.

Grand function of mass batuk janoi had been completed in the presence of Param pujya Sadanand Saraswati Maharaj, Param Pujya Sitarambapu, Acharya shree Ghanshyamji Maharaj and other famous brahmins without any political intentions and agendas.

Brahmsena warmly thankful to all those brahmins and other people who is participated directly or indirectly in this historical event to make it sky level.